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Campaign Examples To Help Capture #VideoSocialProof
Campaign Examples To Help Capture #VideoSocialProof

Here you'll find a collection of example campaigns to help meet specific business needs.

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VideoPeel Campaign Template Library
Click on the Campaign Goal (Business Need) below that interests you to see the examples and campaign templates.

Brand Awareness
Drive Traffic to Your Website
Product Launch

Social Media Engagement
Website Engagement
Social Proof

Website Conversions

Customer Success/Support
Warranty Registration
Video Assignments
Virtual Consultations



Employee Engagement
Special Video Messages (Anniversary, Weddings, etc.)

What does VideoPeel mean by business needs (Campaign Goal)? Every business is unique to its industry and within its community. However, along with individuality comes individual business needs; here at VideoPeel, we provide custom solutions to meet those needs.

For example, you own a company that sells dog food. As the owner of a dog food company, you find that you're driving a lot of traffic to your Shopify store, but your conversions are low because visitors don't know if their dogs will like your food, so you would like to incorporate social proof in the form of video testimonials from genuine customers.

How does one determine which direction to go in? And, what type of messaging does one use within a VideoPeel campaign? To start, it's essential to determine the need, decide on an objective and then choose a solution.

Here's an outline of what this thought process might look like:

Campaign Goal (Business Need)

Increase website conversions on your dog food product pages in your Shopify store.


Capture and publish videos from your customers showing how much their dogs love your dog food. With this particular objective, our best practice tells us that the sooner your consumers offer your dog food packaging and their pet eating the food, the better.


Customize our Website Conversions template for your specific objective.

Do we have a template for this? We sure do, plus many more.

VideoPeel offers templates that can be customized for multiple Objectives that fit your Campaign Goals.

Adopt a template or change it up. Our goal is to share VideoPeel Best Practices to set your business up for success.

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