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Website Conversions

Increase website conversions on your homepage, product pages, checkout, etc. with video social proof.

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Now that you've driven people to your website, how do you increase your conversions?

Use Video Social Proof to show your visitors the real experience people like them are having with your product or service. See a few examples:

1) Video Testimonials

Give your customers a voice! Let them introduce themselves to your community, show how they use the product, and share what impact it's had in their life. For the purpose of website conversions, our recommendation is to discover the top questions people want to be answered when they visit your web page. Then, be sure that your videos address those specific top questions, from people most similar to those you are driving to your page. You can publish these videos to your web page through our Video Carousel Player or our Picture in Picture Player.

2) Before & After Videos

Empower your community members to capture their experiences before they use your product, and then also capture their experiences after they use your product. This way you will showcase Before and After videos, right on your website, proving what impact your product can really have.

3) Product Review Videos

Get influencers and authority figures to test your product and create a product review video you can publish on your website.

4) Video Reviews

Get your community to review your products with a video. Let them show the product as they provide you with a rating between 1-5 stars.

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