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Building Brand Awareness
Building Brand Awareness

If you're looking to build brand awareness, get your community to show what your product or service can do.

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Most businesses today have not found a good way to increase word of mouth. Using social proof videos, businesses can now expand their brand awareness efforts with the help of their own communities.

Here are a few examples of how you can utilize social proof videos to increase your brand awareness:

1) Get Customers to Show Your Product to their Community

Invite your customers to show what they can do with your product or service. Most people love the opportunity of helping the people they care about. They just need a reason to do it. You can give them that reason, and make it very easy for them.

2) Recruit People for Social Video Awareness Ads

Awareness ads are a powerful way to add your product or service into a consumer's consideration set for a specific category. Let people know that your product is a viable solution for them within the category they care about. For example, if your product is great for hunters, start recruiting hunters that show their hunting dogs eating your product after a hunt. Establish that product association with the category that matters.

3) Get Influencers, Ambassadors, Authority Figures, etc. to Promote Your Product or Service

Which influencers have a strong affiliation with your target audience? You can recruit them and use VideoPeel to find the best influencers for your campaign. There are hundreds of different types of videos influencers can create, including a video shoutout, a product placement in their VLOG, a product review video, an unboxing video, or a video recommendation. Then you can use VideoPeel to capture the videos from them so you can approve them before publishing.

4) Get Your Team Members to Help Tell Your Story

Are you effectively mobilizing your team to build awareness about your product or service? Invite them to share a fun video with their community helping you to introduce a new feature or product that can give their community an exclusive opportunity to learn more. This can be expanded to Board Members, Investors, etc...

5) Interview Thought Leaders Virtually

Expand your audience by interviewing the thought leaders in a category and then invite them to share the video interview with their community. Thought leaders love to get on camera, especially when their video is boosted by your business.

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