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Drive Traffic To Your Website
Drive Traffic To Your Website

If you're looking to drive traffic to your website through traffic driving video ads, Video SEO, video remarketing ads, or LIVE streams.

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Grow your traffic driving efforts with Video Social Proof. Below are a few examples of how Video Social Proof can help you increase traffic to your website. We also include an example campaign template for your consideration.

1. Traffic Driving Ads from your Business Account

Take your ads to the next level by including social proof videos in your traffic driving ads on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Amazon, and other ad networks. A common best practice is to make sure your video creator matches the audience targeting criteria of your ad campaign. For example, if your ad campaign targets women 35-55 that live in the western United States, then you should be capturing video social proof from women 35-55 living in the western United States.

In addition, consider utilizing the video transcript in your ad message.

2. Traffic Driving Ads from an Influencer, Brand Ambassador, Authority Figure, or Affiliate's Social Media Ad Account

Another strategy is to work with your influencer, brand ambassador, authority figure, or affiliate to run ads through their Ad account. You will be able to reach their audience with traffic driving ads coming from them. Make sure you follow proper attribution requirements with sponsored ads.

3. Video SEO

Get your social proof videos on YouTube. This can be done by following similar SEO rules, but applying them within YouTube's platform. Find the search terms that customers are looking for related to your product or service's category. And, find the type of YouTube influencers that your audience most watches. Then, capture videos from relevant YouTube influencer or from your own customers that focuses on the keyword terms that matter most for your business. Video plays a big part in your search engine result pages.

4. LIVE Streams

Drive traffic from your social media accounts, or your influencer's accounts, to your website at the right time. You can do this very effectively with LIVE streams on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, etc... Simply capture social proof videos in advance and use them as pre-recorded videos in your LIVE stream. This way you can showcase social proof videos LIVE.

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