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Video Assignments

Get your students and team members to send you video assignments so you can track their progress.

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As the learning process is becoming more and more virtual, managers, executives, teachers, coaches, professors, and other professionals need better ways to check the progress of their students, team members, and other community members.

VideoPeel provides these professionals with the tool they need to accept video assignments. See examples below:

1) Video Assignments

Provide a way for your students, team members, and mentees to submit video assignments to you. Send them a link that provides them with the assignment (you can include an image, text, or even a video that describes the assignment). Your user will then be able to reply with a video. You can then grade the video assignment and send them a VideoPeel Video Landing Page with your comments and video response.

2) Video Quizzes/Tests

Provide a way to test or quiz your team members, students, etc... where they can submit a video showcasing how capable they are of completing a task or answering a set of questions. Utilize VideoPeel's multi-prompt system to allow you to ask multiple questions or have various tasks completed.

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