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VideoPeel 2024 Benchmark Report
VideoPeel 2024 Benchmark Report

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At VideoPeel, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our valued customers for their trust and engagement with our platform throughout the past year. Your dedication and feedback have been instrumental in navigating the course of our innovations and improvements. Reflecting on 2023, we are proud to highlight a year marked by significant advancements and expansions in our offerings, aimed at enhancing the efficacy and reach of your VideoPeel campaigns.

Our commitment to revolutionizing the way businesses and organizations collect and utilize video has never been stronger. With this in mind, we are excited to present the VideoPeel 2024 Benchmark Report. This comprehensive analysis serves not only as a testament to our collective achievements but also as a crucial tool for you. It offers valuable benchmarks, allowing you to compare your VideoPeel campaigns against broader metrics and understand the performance levels you should aspire to achieve in your video collection campaigns.

Major Innovations in 2023

The previous year was a period of vibrant growth and innovation at VideoPeel. We introduced several key features and services designed to streamline your VideoPeel Campaigns and extend their impact:

- We released the new VideoPeel Campaign Creator: A transformative tool that simplifies the creation and customization of your video survey, providing you with a user-friendly interface with enhanced control, features and flexibility.

- We made 40+ Video Survey Templates available to you: To cater to diverse needs and contexts across the enterprise, we unveiled an extensive range of video survey templates, ensuring you can kickstart your campaigns with the most effective and engaging setups. You will find these when you create a new campaign. They include video survey templates for collecting video testimonials, video reviews, video customer support, video interviews, employee engagement, virtual estimates, consumer research, product testing, ad testing, content, etc.

- We extended our media collection capabilities: Recognizing the importance of versatility in media, we expanded our collection capabilities to include not only videos but also photos, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and other files, broadening the scope of content you can collect.

- We released our embeddable Video Wall of Love, External Video Library, and Video Share Pages: These features were developed to ensure seamless publishing of your videos on your website, landing pages, and on an external page for each video, or for a library of videos.
- You can now integrate VideoPeel with thousands of apps: With our Zapier integration, you can now Integrate VideoPeel with your application of choice. From CRM integrations to email and SMS integrations, you can now add VideoPeel Campaigns to your flow quickly and easily.

Moreover, we proudly expanded our solutions beyond video testimonials. By venturing into customer support and HR needs, including employee engagement and recruiting, we have opened new avenues for leveraging video survey solutions to meet a wider array of business needs. See our website for details.

Key Benchmarks of 2023

Our benchmarks for the year underscore the tangible impacts of our innovations:

- Our Average Video Submission Conversion Rate is now 25%
In 2023, for active campaigns, we observed a remarkable 25% average video submission conversion rate, a significant increase over the previous year's 17% average. We calculate the video submission conversion rate based on the number of views of your video campaign and the number of submissions you received. This growth highlights the enhanced effectiveness of our platform and strategies. And the improved video collection strategies and objectives utilized by our clients.

If your campaigns are not experiencing this type of performance, we highly recommend that you review our best practices below and that you reach out to your VideoPeel customer success manager. Or, if you're not currently working with a VideoPeel customer success manager, reach out to us through our website chat and we'll help you improve your video collection strategies.

- Our New VideoPeel Campaigns perform up to 40% better
VideoPeel Campaigns utilizing our latest campaign creator and features are out performing our older campaigns. Here is an example of a notable product business in a very competitive industry that experienced a significant boost in their video submission conversion rate upon upgrading their campaigns.

​If you're not using the new VideoPeel campaigns, contact your VideoPeel rep today!

Best Practices for Maximum Video Submission Conversion Rates

Achieving high video submission conversion rates is pivotal. Through analysis and feedback, we have identified several best practices that contribute significantly to VideoPeel campaign success:

1. Use an Engaging Introductory Image: Utilize a compelling image or photo of your brand or representative as the VideoPeel campaign's lead element to draw attention.

2. Introduce Your Campaign with a Personal Video: Incorporate introductory videos from genuine individuals, offering straightforward instructions and a personal touch.

3. Ensure Transparency in Permissions: Clearly articulate how the collected videos, photos, and files will be used, fostering clarity and trust.

4. Comprehensive Video Requests: Employ multiple questions within a single request or create distinct video collector prompts for each inquiry. Both strategies have proven effective.

5. Be Less Transactional, Create a Sense of Community: Potential participants don't want to be treated as a transaction, they want to feel special. Re-think your approach by considering how you can create a sense of community. Your VideoPeel customer success rep can help you execute this strategy.

6. Integrate into your Participant's Journey: Embed video requests as elements of broader goals or journeys, such as contests, community responsibilities, application processes, or paths to attain specific incentives or support. This approach not only enhances engagement but also enriches the participant's experience with your brand or organization.

In conclusion, the VideoPeel 2024 Benchmark Report is a reflection of our shared journey towards harnessing the power of VideoPeel campaigns. As we move forward, let's continue to innovate, inspire, and impact together. Thank you for being an essential part of this journey.

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