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Steps for Integrating Google Drive with VideoPeel
Steps for Integrating Google Drive with VideoPeel

Send data received via VideoPeel into Google Drive. An API Key will be needed to integrate the two and that can be found in your Settings.

Written by Philipe Atela
Updated over a week ago

Step 1: Create Zap

Go to the Zapier dashboard and create a Zap connecting the two apps. The trigger (when this happens... input) should be New Campaign Submission, as that is the only trigger we have available at this time.

You may then choose what Google Drive should do whenever VideoPeel gets a new submission. In this case, we are doing a simple file upload.

Step 2: Connect VideoPeel Account

You will be presented with the following screen:

Click the bar with the VideoPeel icon:

Click Choose an Account and follow the steps in order to authenticate with your VideoPeel account here. You will have to enter your account email and your API key, which can be found in the Settings page of the VideoPeel app.

Step 3: Test Trigger

After authorizing Zapier with the API Key generated in the Settings Page of your VideoPeel application,

you will be prompted to filter by campaigns or you can leave the field clear in order to set up this trigger for all campaigns.

Then you will see the step to test the trigger:

After pressing Test trigger , Zapier will present you with some raw data representing some of your recent campaign submissions. You should be able to see all the questions you are asking on that campaign, and the recent responses you got. If you are able to see legitimate data in this step, you may press Continue to move forward.

Step 4: Connect Google Drive account

After testing the VideoPeel trigger, you will see the following screen:

Follow similar steps to Step 2 in order to connect your Google Drive account. The difference is that an API Key will not be necessary, you will just need to authenticate with your Google account. Click Continue once you are able to authenticate properly.

Step 5: Set up Google Drive action

After connecting the account, you will now be presented with the specific settings for the Google Drive action itself:

First, you have to specify the file destination on Google Drive via the Drive and Folder fields.

Now, you have to select what file you wish to upload. You will be given the options of all the questions being asked on your campaign, and you can select which answers will be uploaded. All types of collected data may be uploaded: videos, text data, images, etc.

Finally, you have to choose whether you wish to convert your data to a Google Document on upload (probably more relevant for Text data upload), what name the file should get when uploaded (File Name) and what should be the extension.

Step 6: Test Action

After having all the settings ready, the last step is just doing a test run to make sure it’s working as expected:

Follow through and click Test action. If everything is good, you can just click Publish Zap.

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