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Steps for Integrating Salesforce with VideoPeel
Steps for Integrating Salesforce with VideoPeel

How to guide for integrating VideoPeel with Salesforce.

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Here is the process used for creating or updating leads on Salesforce when a new Videopeel Submission is received, Ideally the campaign would have input fields for First Name, Last Name, Email, Recorded Video as those will be important in this occasion. An API Key will be needed to integrate the two and that can be found in the Settings page of VideoPeel.

Step 1: Create Zap

In order to integrate Salesforce with Videopeel, create a Zap connecting the two apps so when a New Campaign Submission is received Find or Create Record in Salesforce

Step 2: Test Trigger

After authorizing Zapier with the API Key generated in the Settings Page of your VideoPeel application,

you will be prompted to filter by campaigns or you can leave the field clear in order to set up this trigger for all campaigns.

Then you can test the trigger and it will pull the data from a recent submission!

Step 3: Connect to Salesforce

After connecting VideoPeel it will prompt you to connect your Salesforce account if you have not already done so. Grant Access.

Step 4: Create Relationship Between Data

When you have connected Salesforce and Videopeel you’ll need to make two actions. One will be to Find the Record (if one does not exist you can create one!) then the next action will be to update that found record with the video link submitted. First lets Find or Create the record.

Then for the Salesforce Object select Lead. You’ll want to find the account by whatever important information you are requesting but in this scenario we will be using email! For the Field to Search By field select Email. Then in the Search Value field you’ll see a drop down of all the fields retrieved from your Videopeel Submission such as first name, last name, email etc. Select Email

In this same step you can select Create Salesforce Record if it doesn’t exist yet to create a new lead when one does not exist! You’ll enter the same information such as email, first name, last name etc. from the drop down options it gives you. These are the same fields pulled from your Videopeel Submission!

Please note that you must fill out all the required fields in the event you need to create a new lead. Company, Email, First Name, Last Name etc may all be required.

Step 5: Verify Trigger

Before we move on to updating the record with the video submission lets verify that it works in finding or creating a new record!

You should see something like this, select Test Action

Step 6: Verify Results!

If there is no lead already one should be created for you! Navigate to your salesforce instance and verify that in your Leads view!

Step 7: Add Second Action to Update Record

Now that we have successfully tested the trigger let’s update the record! Click the + button beneath the previous action.

Then you should see a new action available. Select Salesforce like you previously did and this time select Update Record for the event type.

You’ll now have access to the Videopeel Submission data as before AND the Salesforce Lead data as well! Pretty neat!

In the Action section for the Salesforce Object you’ll want to select Lead again. and select the Record to Update value as the user pulled from the previous test trigger. This will be the lead created or found from the email we selected earlier.

You’ll now be able to update the record with video link from your VideoPeel submission! This can go in any field you’d like and the fields that are shown in the Zapier editor depend on what you’ve customized in Salesforce. So if you have a specific section you would like to add these videos too feel free to navigate to that section! We’ll be using the Description field for simplicity.

As previously you’ll see a drop down field with all the previous submission data and you can find the link provided from the prompt in your campaign.

To keep the previous data you can do something like so! Be sure to add the previous description in a new line to avoid the links getting merged together!

Step 8: Verify Trigger

We’re almost done! Now we just need to verify that the trigger and action work! Same as before hit Test Action

Step 9: Verify Results!

We’re done! Navigate to your Salesforce instance and to the lead you had just created or updated and verify that the new link is in the updated section!

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