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Steps for Integrating Hubspot with VideoPeel
Steps for Integrating Hubspot with VideoPeel
Written by Philipe Atela
Updated over a week ago

Step 1: Create Zap

In order to integrate Hubspot with Videopeel, create a Zap connecting the two apps so when a New Campaign Submission is received a new Contact will be Created on Hubspot

Step 2: Test Trigger

After authorizing Zapier with the API Key generated in the Settings Page of your VideoPeel application,

you will be prompted to filter by campaigns or you can leave the field clear in order to set up this trigger for all campaigns.

Then you can test the trigger and it will pull the data from a recent submission!

Step 3: Connect to Hubspot

After connecting VideoPeel it will prompt you to connect your Hubspot account if you have not already done so. Grant Access.

Step 4: Create a Relationship Between Data

Then from the data that was pulled in your test trigger of VideoPeel, customize what data you would like to submit with each field.

Step 5: Verify Trigger

Verify that the data you have selected is corresponding to the correct fields!

Step 6: Verify Results!

A new contact will be created in Hubspot, verify that it is the results you want and then you’re ready to go!

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