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Let customers submit videos to your customer support team

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Let your customers show you what's happening, instead of trying to describe it through texts or emails. Give them the option to submit a video which they are chatting with you, or at a later time most convenient to them. This way you can reduce the time it takes to identify the solution, diagnose it and resolve it. Here are a few examples of how our customers are using VideoPeel for Video Customer Support:

1) Proving that the product or service isn't working as expected

Once your customer experiences an unexpected issue with your product or service, they have a very short window of patience before they develop mistrust and begin to doubt the reliability of your product or service. This is why it's so important to minimize the response time between receiving a customer support request and resolving the request successfully. VideoPeel enables every customer support agent to request a clarifying video from the customer asynchronously without needing to get on a live call with that customer.

2) Showing the steps being taken to reproduce the issue

The key for customer service reps to reproduce an issue is to observe the customer experiencing the issue. This is very difficult to do with traditional customer support channels, unless you empower your customer service reps, to invite customers to capture a video of their experience quickly and easily. With VideoPeel, it's easier for a customer to submit a video than it is for them to type a response.

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