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Invite your candidates to submit a video interview at their convenience.

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Recruiting is no longer a resume only activity. Recruiters today need to see and observe a candidate to see who they really are, and how to communicate. Recruiters want to observe the candidate's personality and live reaction to specific questions. With VideoPeel every recruiter has the power to incorporate video interviews within their ATS. Here are a few examples:

1) Recruiter includes a link for each candidate to submit a video portion of their interview

In this scenario, the candidate doesn't have to meet LIVE with the recruiter, they can submit their video responses to each video interview at a convenient time.

2) Recruiter invites candidates who pass phase 1 of the recruiting process to participate in a video interview

This also saves recruiters a lot of time, not having to meet in person with a candidate while still being able to see the candidate and observe how they respond to specific questions.

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