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How To iFrame a VideoPeel Campaign into a website.
How To iFrame a VideoPeel Campaign into a website.
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Looking to white-label a VideoPeel campaign? This can be done with iFrame.

The following instructions show how to implement iFrame into a website.

1. Copy the campaign link.

2. Insert the campaign link into the iframe src template

1. <iframe src="<campaign-link>" allow="camera;microphone" title="VideoPeel Testimonial Form"></iframe>

2. Your iframe link should look similar to this

3. <iframe src="" width="100%" height="400px" allow="camera;microphone" title="VideoPeel Testimonial Form"></iframe>


1. Be sure to include the allow="camera;microphone" attribute on the iframe tag or users will not be able to record videos to upload

2. You can update the title attribute to whatever you feel suites the current campaign you are presenting

3. You can update the width and height attributes to customize the size of the iframe on the page

3. Add the iframe inside the <body> tag of your html where you wish it to show up

SUGGESTIONS - It's suggested to not have your thank you page redirect to another url as the redirected site may not display properly in the iframe. Instead, utilize the rich text page content editor on the settings portion in your campaign to display an inline message. (Only certain plans have access to this custom thank you page)

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