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How To: Gather Content Through Email/SMS Outreach
How To: Gather Content Through Email/SMS Outreach
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When you're creating your VideoPeel campaign, you want to have an idea behind a few things before sending out the request. You'll need to know the following information.

  1. Who is your target audience?

  2. What kind of content are you looking at generating?

  3. What will you use that content for?

These things are important cause it helps outline why you're reaching out to them and gives the audience members more insight into what they need to do.

Once you've outlined those main points then we are ready to start drafting up your email/SMS flow. Here are a few pointers we recommend to start off.

  1. Be clear in your email on why you're reaching out and have a clear call to action. This will help the reviewer know what they are doing and have clear next steps.

  2. For your call to action, don't position it at the very bottom of the page, make it stand out, and have it be clear what it means. For example, "Leave A Video Review" or "Submit your Video" are great to use to emphasize what they will be doing when they click on your CTA.

  3. Don't make the message drag on, be clear and concise.

  4. You'll want to have multiple touchpoints within your workflow. This is primarily to keep the video request top of mind for all your participants. You could catch them at a bad time when you send your first touchpoint so the reminder will help generate more content for you.

Here is a diagram of what that workflow would look like:

Once you've created you're workflow, now you are ready to implement it with the segmented audience you will be targeting! If you have any questions on best practices, please reach out to us with any additional questions.

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