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A/B Testing VideoPeel Campaigns and Videos
A/B Testing VideoPeel Campaigns and Videos

Measure the effectiveness of your VideoPeel Campaigns and Videos

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Many of our clients are implementing A/B tests to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and their videos. In this article we will start with reviewing a few methods for A/B testing our VideoPeel Carousel and Picture in Picture players. Later we will dive into A/B testing VideoPeel Campaigns.

A/B Testing VideoPeel Carousel Player

There are many A/B Testing, Website Optimization tools that can help you A/B Test our VideoPeel Carousel Player including Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Optimizely, VWO, etc... In all these scenarios, you are basically setting up an experiment where you will test one of your web page with the VideoPeel Carousel Player and one without. The typical steps to follow are as follows:

1) Ensure your VideoPeel Carousel Player is setup properly

In your VideoPeel account, go to your videos tab and verify you have the right tags for videos you want to show in your carousel, and make sure each video thumbnail, video title, video description, selfie photo, creator name, and creator title is how you want it to look. We encourage that you set the most compelling thumbnail and video title for each video. An accurate transcription of the video is recommended for the video description. Depending on your VideoPeel plan, we automatically transcribe each video and place the transcription in your video description field.

Then, make sure you create a filter for the tag(s) you are using to designate the videos you want in your VideoPeel Carousel Player. Once you've created a filter with the right tags, simply click on the filter, and then you will see an option to "Get Plugin Code". Click on that link to get your VideoPeel Carousel Javascript code that you will use to implement into your web page.

2) Setup your Experiment

If you don't use an A/B testing software tool, you can execute a less advanced version of an A/B test by simply analyzing the average metrics you care about with your current web page before the implementation of the VideoPeel Carousel Player. For example: Session Duration, Page Views, Conversion, or other events.

Then, after you implement the VideoPeel Carousel Player on the right position of your page, measure the same average metrics and compare. Again this is not the ideal method because of all the possible variables that could be affecting a before and after test like this.

In most A/B testing software tools, you will have an original version of your page, and a variant where you will include the VideoPeel Carousel Player Javascript code in the ideal location on your page. Then you can conduct A/B tests with different audience segments, or simply do Split URL testing.

You can utilize this same method to A/B test your VideoPeel Picture in Picture Player.

A/B Testing VideoPeel Campaigns

Currently, the best way to test VideoPeel campaigns are to simply create two different versions of your campaign and test them with a limited audience to see how many campaign views and Video Submissions you get for each variation.

Focus on only one difference between the two variants, for example, the inclusion of an incentive or no incentive. Or, the usage of a profile photo, text message and logo, versus a log and video message.

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