Recently VideoPeel opened up an option to create a campaign in which you can record a video and use that to provide instructions or show an example when asking for videos for your product or service. Below are the instructions on how to get started.


Go to your Campaigns tab and select Create a new campaign. After naming your campaign choose the type of campaign you're creating. This is for internal tracking. If the type of campaign you're creating isn't available choose "other" and share the type of campaign you are creating.


After your campaign template loads, you will have the option of adding a logo or image. From here you can record or upload your video. When you click Record, the camera will open and you should see yourself, then click Start Recording.

First, add an image or logo. However, this is not required but doing so will help your brand stand out.

Second, choose Video Message,

Once you have chosen "video message" you will see the following content imported into your landing page:

From here you can choose Upload a Video or Record a Video. If you decide to Record a Video your front-facing camera will pop open and you can record your message

Third, when choosing Upload you will have the ability to upload any videos on your device. Be sure to keep your video length under 5 mins.

Fourth, continue to set up the rest of your campaign by adding a message and prompts for each video you want to receive.

Fifth, apply the campaign settings you wish to use to customize your campaign.

Then, your campaign is ready to use. Simply share the Preview Campaign link if you are testing, or use the Share Link to send to your customers.

Video Message Templates are available on our Premium and Enterprise Plans which you can see here

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