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VideoPeel can help you publish video reviews in the following places on Amazon’s marketplace:

Detail page image block: Video Reviews can appear at the top of detail pages in one of the image locations. Not everyone has access to this feature, though. You will need to qualify for Enhanced Brand Content to post a video to the image block.

Storefronts: Video Reviews can also appear in your Amazon Storefronts once you’ve registered and created your store. VideoPeel can help you create the ideal storefront template to showcase your video reviews.

Related Video Shorts: This is a new section above customer reviews that showcases related videos and customer video reviews. With VideoPeel’s direct feed into Amazon, you can place multiple video reviews in this section for all of your ASINs at scale.

Amazon LIVE: Videos can also be utilized for Amazon’s new broadcasting channel at This is currently reserved for Brand Registered sellers/vendors. VideoPeel can help you utilize pre-recorded video reviews for your Amazon Live broadcasts.