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Build Video Social Proof into your customer journey. Have your customers show that they received your product and share how they use it in order for them to register for your warranty. Have them begin their experience with you in a much more engaging way. Here are a few examples of how our customers are using VideoPeel:

1) Warranty Registration

After someone receives your product, have them register for your warranty by submitting a video that confirms that they actually have your product. You can also ask them to show how they are using it and how well it's working. Let them feel like you really care, you will be building a community with them from the start.

2) Verify Claims and Exchange/Refund Requests

Before you issue an exchange or refund, request your customers to submit a video showing the issues they are having with the product. This way your customer support team can make proper decisions on how to address each request.

See an example below: