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Businesses today need to understand the pulse of their customers, their teams, partners, and greater community in order to better serve them. Give your management and executive team the opportunity to see first hand how their customers are feeling, what they are seeing, and what they are doing. See a few examples below:

1) Voice of the Customer

You have a planning meeting coming up and need to represent your customer's voice. What are you going to do? With VideoPeel, you can enable your team to quickly get a pulse of your customer, through Video Social Proof. Capture the feelings and experiences your customers are having, then with VideoPeel's customizable video landing page, easily create a compilation of all the videos you wish to present.

2) Video Stories

You are presenting the buyer's journey to your product team, as a research team you want to best showcase the reality behind the buyer's journey. What are you going to do? With VideoPeel you can capture the entire buyer's journey, from the perspective of the buyer. Show your product and management teams, the point of view of your customer. And with VideoPeel video landing pages, automatically stitch your videos together so they can play in a story format.

See example below: