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One of our newest and best-liked features from our customers is the VideoPeel Custom Video Landing Page. This allows you to share videos with a unique URL that will show your video on its own landing page. You can access that link to the right of each video (image below) under the download and Facebook icons.



In addition, your campaign's VideoPeel Video Landing Page is customizable at the campaign level. If you're subscribed to a VideoPeel plan that allows for this level of customization, below are the steps for you to follow!

  1. When you are creating or editing your campaign in the campaigns tab, there is a Custom Branding section on the bottom right, there you will find a sub-section called Video Landing Page. You will click on the Customize word to begin editing you campaign's Video Landing Page.

5. You will see a pop up that looks like the image below.



6. Each section will have to be completed in order for your campaign's Video Landing Page to be fully customized.

  • Title: This text will show under your logo and above the Banner image at the top of the page. See the image below.

  • Go To Link: This is a great way to direct the visitors to any site such as a product page or your pricing page. (see image below) This will show up in the top right. Be sure to add the https:// in the URL section directly underneath

  • Main Logo: This will appear above the Page Title on the top right-hand corner. For the best results, please use an image with a transparent background and size your logo to 600 x 315.

  • Banner: This will be the banner image that will appear underneath the title and right above the video. For the best results, please size your image 1150 x 200.

  • Call To Action Text: This is a great way to encourage your visitors to take action after watching your videos. Some ideas are allowing them to record a video review or purchase a product. This text will appear on the button. See image below

  • Call to Action Button: There are 2 steps when editing your button. 1st is adding the text you want such as "See More" or "Visit Our Store". 2nd is adding the URL that you want the button to redirect to. Be sure to add the https:// in the URL.


  • Tag Rows: Display multiple videos in your video landing page by displaying one or more rows of videos, a total of 4 rows maximum. Each row is defined by a tag.
    See this article for How to Add tags to my Video Submissions.

  • Sorting of Videos: For each of your rows, you can sort your videos automatically by Newest to Oldest, Most Viewed, Random, and Alphabetical Order.

7. After you have completed your form, click Save in the bottom right. You can then click the Preview Landing Page link to see what it will look like. Below is an image of a completed form and a link to the completed VideoPeel Video Landing Page.




VideoPeel Custom Video Landing Pages are available on our Premium and Enterprise Plans: