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One of the hardest jobs of any marketer is to constantly generate social media content to keep your brand top of mind among your community of customers and prospects. This is where VideoPeel can help. See below for a list of common examples of how marketers are using VideoPeel.

1) Video Surveys

Find out how your community feels about a specific topic. Give them an opportunity to share their voice. There are so many different use cases for this. We've seen brands use VideoPeel to simply ask what their fans love doing on the weekends, or to share their morning routine. The possibilities here are endless, to create amazing content for your social media efforts, that drive engagement.

2) Video Mentions

Invite your community to send you a video so that you can spotlight them and mention them in your brand account.

3) Video Customer Support

Provide your community with a more authentic and real way to send you their customer support needs. Let them show you what happened with the product, or what issues they have with using it.

4) Video Contests & Giveaways

Take your contests and giveaways to the next level by having your participants qualify by submitting a video. Let them show what they can create!

5) Video Challenges

Issue your challenge to your community and gather submissions through video. Then invite your community members to challenge others. VideoPeel even helps you easily compile all your videos to your own customizable video landing page.

6) Video Polls/Quizes

Take your polls and quizzes to the next level by asking for video responses, so you can share interactive responses where people show, not just tell.

See the example below: