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You can now invite your co-workers, partners, agencies, and clients to collaborate on your VideoPeel campaigns and videos. Let them experience the magic of VideoPeel, the ability to remotely capture, manage, and publish videos at scale. Give users specific roles and access rights to campaigns. Multi-user is available for specific plans, please refer to our pricing page, or book a demo for details.

Step 1


If your account has access to the Multi-user feature, you will access it from the top-right drop-down menu in your VideoPeel account. Simply click on "Users".

Step 2


Then, if this is your first time using the Multi-user feature, you will be asked to set your organization's name. Each account will have one organization name. Be sure to enter the right name, because you will be inviting people as users to this organization. Then, you will be able to start inviting people to your organization.

You can set their role (Admin, Editor, Viewer) and what campaigns they should have access to. Then you can send an invite. Once a new user has accepted the invitation, they will be able to see your organization in their personal account. They will be able to toggle from their account to your organization, accessing the campaign(s) you gave them permissions to access.