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When one or more videos are submitted to your VideoPeel account, you can begin publishing them to your website through our VideoPeel Carousel Player or our VideoPeel Picture in Picture (PiP) Player. Simply follow these instructions to publish your videos on your website or you can watch our quick walkthrough video HERE.

1) Go to your videos tab.

2) Add a tag to each video you want to display in your VideoPeel PiP Player See the example tag "Mattress Homepage" below.


3) In the Filters left navigation section, create a filter that will consist of the tags you want to include in your VideoPeel PiP Player. Simply start typing the name you want to give this filter. For example: "Mattress Homepage". Then click the "Add: Mattress Homepage" option to start creating the filter.



4) Include the tags you want to include in your VideoPeel PiP Player. For example: "Mattress Homepage". Then Click SAVE.


5) Once you are viewing the filter you created, click Get Plugin Code and copy the code to insert it within the body tag of the website page(s) you want it to show. Be sure to copy the VideoPeel PiP Player code and not the Video Carousel Player code.

6) Within your website page editor (could be WordPress, Shopify, etc... ) simply include this one line of code within the body tag for that page.