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Recently VideoPeel launched a new campaign template where you can record a video and use that to show more personalization when asking for videos for your product and/or service. Below are the instructions on how to get started.


  1. Go to your Campaigns tab and select Create a new campaign. After naming your campaign click the drop-down menu where it says Personalized Campaign and select Video Message Campaign. Then click Save.

2. After your campaign template loads, you will have the option to upload two different images. One image is optional which is the header image (recommended size 600 x 315) and the second image is your main image (recommended size 1280 x 720).


1st Image



2nd Image



3. Continue to set up the rest of your campaign by adding a message and prompts for each video you want to receive.


4. Apply the campaign settings you wish to use to customize your campaign.


Then, your campaign is ready to use. Simply share the Preview Campaign link if you are testing, or use the Share Link to send to your customers.


Video Message Templates are available on our Premium and Enterprise Plans which you can see here.