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The fundraising process for any organization can be arduous because of all the people you need to touch and the importance of customizing your interaction with every potential donor or investor. How can you achieve personalized, heart-felt communications that don't come from you, but rather the actual people that are benefiting from your organization's products or services. Below you will see several examples that are used by VideoPeel clients to more effectively fundraise.

1) Add Video Social Proof to Your Fundraising Campaigns

Bring each of your fundraising campaigns to life with Video Social Proof. Capture the real experiences your organization's benefactors are having as a result of your product or service. Then utilize these videos in your Fundraising Ad Campaigns, Emails, and other communications.

2) Add Video Social Proof to your Annual Report, Pamphlet, Pitch Book, etc..

Bring your Annual Report, Pitch Book, Pamphlet, to live with Videos from the real people that are benefiting from your product or service. We've seed fundraisers call it a Video Book. Increase the level of trust potential donors have with your organization.

3) Capture videos from your teams in the field

As your organization has impact in the field (no matter where they are in the world), capture those moments from every perspective. Let the world see what's really happening out there.

4) Offer Fundraising Q&As

Give your potential donors the opportunity to ask questions to you and your administrators and team members. So they can become intimately familiar with your organization and how it's making an impact.

4) Give Donors the Opportunity to Send Video Messages to Recipients

Let donors become more engaged with your audience. Let them send video messages to specific recipients of your product or services. And then let them get a personalized video response so they can see the real impact they are having.

See example below: