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You can now edit your VideoPeel URLs to sync with your company name and/or products. Customized URLs are available for specific plans, please refer to our pricing page, or book a demo for details. When you customize your VideoPeel URL as shown below, it will apply to your campaign and all the video landing pages for the videos that are submitted to your campaign, even if your customize your video landing pages.


Step 1


If your account has access to the Customized URLs, you will access it at the bottom right of your campaign under the Custom Branding section.



Step 2


You can now add any name you would like to this section. For this example, we are going to use the company name "Air Formula". After you add the name you can press Enter/Return or your keyboard or click the magnifying glass to search the availability.


Step 3


After you see that your URL is available all you have to do is press Enter/Return or your keyboard or click the save icon. After that, you will see a message appear notifying you that your URL will be available shortly.



Step 4


To access your URL quicker all you need to do is click refresh on your browser and you will now see your customized URL at the top of your campaign page and ready for you to share.



Step 5


Click the Share Link button and begin sharing your link to your users. For each video that is submitted to your campaign, you can also click the Share Video link in each video card in your videos tab, to access the customized URL for that video. For more insights on the best way to share your link visit our outreach article HERE.