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The future of consumer research is video. Consumers are now more willing to capture their experience through video, more than ever before. Below are a few examples of how you can capture consumer experiences through video for your consumer research needs.

1) Consumer Behavior Videos

Want to know how consumers behave around a specific topic? Send a VideoPeel to your community and invite them to capture their experience around that topic. For example, you may want to know what someone's experience is like as they make their weekend plans during the pandemic. You can use multi-prompts to collect multiple videos as they capture their experience along the way.

2) Shopping Experience Videos

What is a consumers experience like shopping for a refrigerator? Send a VideoPeel to your community and invite them to capture their experience as they shop for a refrigerator both online and in-store.

3) Brand Equity Video

What is a consumer's perception about your brand or all the brands in a category, or how do they feel about your brand versus a competitor's. With Video, you can now watch their expressions and see how they feel as they talk about your brand.

4) Audience Definition Video

Want to learn more about your audience? Want to know their tastes and preferences and related products and services that are important to them? You can even ask them to take you on a day in the life experience.

5) Marketing Effectiveness Video

How effective will your new jingle, or ad campaign really be. Send a VideoPeel to your community to learn what they think before you publish it to the world. Get instant feedback from the people that matter to you. You can even include the actual image or video in your VideoPeel so they can watch and then reply with a video.

6) Customer Experience Video

What is the real experience someone goes through as they first try your product for the first time. How difficult is it really to install? What are their thoughts are they are trying to get it to work?

7) Video NPS

Are you ready to take your customer satisfaction measurement to the next level? Turn those NPS ratings into real visual experiences, so your management team can make the proper decisions, so they can be actionable.

See an example below: